Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 6 Blog is the web address to my web 2.0 site.

The web design element of our class over the last two weeks, I must say, was the most enjoyable, comfortable and least frustrating part of this web design class.

I really enjoyed learning FrontPage and seriously wish it was still available for sale and use for preparing websites for the www. Only a few things changed from my storyboards to the actual site. Fist, I decided to omit the testimonials and add the three links to keep my pages balanced and shorter. Second, I decided to add a Google map instead of writing my own instructions on the web 2.0 site since they made that element simple to add. Third, I kept the contact me form offered in FrontPage in the FAQ instead of just having a plain FAQ.

One quick note... I did try using Webnode and did not care for it. I could not find a template/theme that I liked and did not find it nearly as user friendly as Weebly.



  • Formatting was far more extensive, flexible and more familiar than the web 2.0 application I used (Weebly).
  • I so appreciate the cut/paste feature in FrontPage whereby we can cut text from a previously prepared Word doc and paste it into FrontPage - HOW NICE and such time saver.
  • I really like the page links at the bottom of each page.


  • FrontPage, though it was easy to learn, it was more difficult to learn than the web 2.0 Weebly site I used.
  • I found positioning the logo/name header extremely frustrating when I was trying to make the come up at the same position on each page.
  • Adding a Google map was not quite as simple in FrontPage as it was in Weebly so I opted to use my own directions.

Web 2.0:


  • I love the ease of use, drop and drag feature to move elements to the page such as a title and paragraph or picture.
  • Web 2.0 was very easy to learn, very little tech talk.
  • Publishing was fast and simple
  • The available themes were more numerous and I preferred their look over the FrontPage
  • Adding a Google map for my directions page was so simple in Weebly


  • Formatting in Weebly was more limited than FrontPage
  • I could not find a cut/paste feature in Weebly, this cost me time
  • I was very annoyed that I could not place a picture in the header of the Weebly page. I would have liked to add our logo/name to the header and could not find a way to do it.
  • I would have liked to add the gift certificate piece to the left launch bar where all the page links were but again Weebly did not allow me to add a picture/title element to this bar.
  • Weebly did not offer page links across the bottom in case someone scrolls to the bottom and wants to go to another page.

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