Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 6 Blog is the web address to my web 2.0 site.

The web design element of our class over the last two weeks, I must say, was the most enjoyable, comfortable and least frustrating part of this web design class.

I really enjoyed learning FrontPage and seriously wish it was still available for sale and use for preparing websites for the www. Only a few things changed from my storyboards to the actual site. Fist, I decided to omit the testimonials and add the three links to keep my pages balanced and shorter. Second, I decided to add a Google map instead of writing my own instructions on the web 2.0 site since they made that element simple to add. Third, I kept the contact me form offered in FrontPage in the FAQ instead of just having a plain FAQ.

One quick note... I did try using Webnode and did not care for it. I could not find a template/theme that I liked and did not find it nearly as user friendly as Weebly.



  • Formatting was far more extensive, flexible and more familiar than the web 2.0 application I used (Weebly).
  • I so appreciate the cut/paste feature in FrontPage whereby we can cut text from a previously prepared Word doc and paste it into FrontPage - HOW NICE and such time saver.
  • I really like the page links at the bottom of each page.


  • FrontPage, though it was easy to learn, it was more difficult to learn than the web 2.0 Weebly site I used.
  • I found positioning the logo/name header extremely frustrating when I was trying to make the come up at the same position on each page.
  • Adding a Google map was not quite as simple in FrontPage as it was in Weebly so I opted to use my own directions.

Web 2.0:


  • I love the ease of use, drop and drag feature to move elements to the page such as a title and paragraph or picture.
  • Web 2.0 was very easy to learn, very little tech talk.
  • Publishing was fast and simple
  • The available themes were more numerous and I preferred their look over the FrontPage
  • Adding a Google map for my directions page was so simple in Weebly


  • Formatting in Weebly was more limited than FrontPage
  • I could not find a cut/paste feature in Weebly, this cost me time
  • I was very annoyed that I could not place a picture in the header of the Weebly page. I would have liked to add our logo/name to the header and could not find a way to do it.
  • I would have liked to add the gift certificate piece to the left launch bar where all the page links were but again Weebly did not allow me to add a picture/title element to this bar.
  • Weebly did not offer page links across the bottom in case someone scrolls to the bottom and wants to go to another page.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

About my website

Title: Rhino Linings of New Holland

I chose this topic because our customers have been asking us for years if we had a website and I beleive we will be able to expound on this website to offer advise, and products to customers who may not ordinarily come to our shop.

My images come from two sources. First, the pictures we have taken over the years of products we spray. I also have access to all the logos we received from Rhino Linings USA for all dealers to use for advertising, letterheads, etc.

I will be using FrontPage to develop my website.

Storyboarding definitely helped me develop my website in that it helped me to organize the information I needed to present in a logical fashion. I changed my mind several times and will probably change it even further during the development in class.

Page 1:
Information page about Rhino Linings of New Holland such as contact information and advantages of Rhino Linings along with related links, a picture of a lined bed and our newest service offering of cycle inspections. It will also include a link to an FAQ I developed.
Here are the links:
Truckworld TV: Rhino Linings Makes Your Truck More Durable:

Page 2:
This page is devoted exclusively to trucks with pictures and a couple of testimonials.

Page 3:
This page provides pictures and an extensive list of other unique rhino linings applications we have completed along with pictures of some of these unique applications.

Page 4:
This page focuses on the accessories we sell and install for any vehicle along with pictures, brand and product lists.

Page 5:
This page provides pricing of basic bedliner installs and inspections.

Page 6:
This page provides necessary location information along with directions and pictures from the North, South, East and West.